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“Beast Of No Nation’s” Ghanaian Actor Abraham Attah, Joins The Cast Of Spider Man:Homecoming!

Ghanaian Star Boy Abraham Attah has joined the cast of Marvel’s Spiderman Homecoming Movie. This is definitely a huge win for Attah who debuted his acting skills as Agu, in Netflix’s original movie Beast Of No Nation alongside Idris Elba, as a child captured by rebels and forced to be a child soldier. Abraham was discovered playing soccer in his hometown after he was asked to audition for the role of Agu. He came out on top amongst thousands of other boys, who auditioned for the same role. Well deserved Attah

Basket Mouth & RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey To Host AFRIMMA 2016!

Big A Entertainment and African Muzik Magazine released an announcement regarding this year’s Award Show host. Basket  Mouth, who has been AFRIMMA’s consecutive host for the past shows, will return alongside Reality Star and Super Model, Cynthia Bailey from RHOA. As the excitement grows, this year’s event is set to cross boundaries to the African-American audience as well. Stay tuned for more AFRIMMA announcements.

Lupita N’yongo For Vogue October Issue!

Lupita dazzles on her second feature for Vogue Magazine’s October issue.

Continue reading Lupita N’yongo For Vogue October Issue!

SARATA Movie Premiere in Dallas Texas!

SARATA‘ is a story based on deceit, love, betrayal and challenges faced by young women in an attempt to better their lives. Sarata is a young, beautiful well brought-up village girl in love with a young man Abdou. With the unpredictable situations of life, as an orphan, she moved to the city for a better life and find herself in a concrete jungle.

SARATA will make it’s debut as the first Gambian Movie to be premiered in Dallas Texas on October 4th, 2015, 7pm at ALDEEZ Sports Bar & Grill.


LasGiiDi – Won Kere (Video)

American based Nigerian artist LasGiiDi, winner of the inaugural AFRIMMA Set the Stage Competition which will enable him to perform, is back with a new single titled WON KERE.

LasGiiDi, who is set to perform at this year’s installment of the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA), is a versatile artist who has been consistent since he dropped his first singles Ikebe Supaa and Make You Sabi in late 2013. Since then he has dropped 2 singles Twisted and Murda and 2 freestyles (with viral videos): Hot N***a (Freestyle) and Liu Kang (Freestyle). Most recently, he dropped Mujojo X Mr Renegade just over a month ago which did very well, with over 10,000 YouTube views already. Watch out for more upcoming videos and projects.

Check out his Latest Video –Won Kere

Subscribe to LasGiiDi’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tadelasg…

Follow LasGiiDi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lasgiidi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lasgiidi
Instagram: https://instagram.com/Lasgiidi/ & https://instagram.com/teamlasgiidi
Website: http://tadelasgiidi.com/

Miss Universe Ghana 2015 Controversy!

Hilda Akua, Former Miss Ghana USA 2012 was crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2015 at the Annual Miss Universe Ghana held in Ghana on the 29th of August 2015. She was selected  the winner after going through  a thorough  judging process alongside 9 other contestants. The contestants were judged based on preliminary presentations, one-on-one interviews, and onstage presentation. Hilda acquired the highest number of points on all three categories, earning her the title, Miss Universe Ghana 2015. Now this is where things get messy! According to a source, a day after the competition, one of Hilda’s fellow pageant mates (Yaya) allegedly contacted a popular page on Instagram called RoadToMissUniverse and made  accusations that Hilda bribed the Miss Universe Ghana directors to ensure her the title. She later let a popular blogger known as Yemmey Baba in on the gist.  Is this a case of looser who cannot handle a defeat? Bloggers (including myself) live to ignite a juicy scandalous story no matter how true or false it is, however, I believe it is also our job to put the fire out after hearing the truth or at least hear the other side out. So check this out yall! After Yaya supposedly started Continue reading Miss Universe Ghana 2015 Controversy!

VMP Exclusive Interview With Lagbaja By Ms.Nabou! (Video)

I can’t emphasize enough on how much of an honor it was for me to interview Lagbaja. I must confess that I was a bit nervous because I did not know his background …… that’s the point of an interview right :). Fortunately, he made it pretty easy for me, to the point that I did not want to stop the interview. We talked about life before the mask, of course “The Mask“, his  personal life, and musical career. This interview was brought to you by Victory Media Pro. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment.  Lagbaja will be performing tonight at the House Of Blues. Powered by Africarrib Ent & Trendy Africa Magazine! For tickets and more info, click here!

Happy Birthday To Icône Music C.E.O. Emmanuel Eben!

Msnabou is wishing the C.E.O. of Icône Music, a fashion guru, and an impeccable young man, Emmanuel aka Manny, a very Happy Birthday. I admire your drive and courage to succeed regardless of obstacles thrown your way. My prayer for you is for longevity, health, wealth and success! Stay blessed! 


Happy Birthday To Anderson & Ifeoma Obiagwu!

We are wishing Anderson & Ifeoma Obiagwu from Big A Entertainment and creator/founder of African Muzik Magazine and AFRIMMA a very happy birthday. This lovely power couple almost share the same birthday with just a day apart! May God continue to shower his blessings on your family, and may you continue to excel in the entertainment industry. Keep crossing boundaries with music!


Pictures From Takai By Angela Fashion Show!

Yes! The long-awaited pictures are finally up! Going through over 3000 pictures can get overwhelming!! Takai By Angela held their first fashion show at their showroom in Cedar Hill, showcasing their extraordinary designs, shoes & handmade crystal jewelry. The show was produced/coordinated by Ms.Nabou (me) and media coverage was by Victory Media Pro. Enjoy and share the pictures.

‘Blessed Hands” – By Ms.Nabou

Every year on this day, I share a piece of me with The World. Why? You may ask. Well when you encounter a life changing situation like I did, you feel compelled to let The World know how much of a bad-ass you are 😎. I gotta admit that I was hesitant to write this particular one; a huge thank you to my very supportive friends who  encouraged me to proceed with it. As I get older, I realize how much my “incident” shaped me into who I am today, and how much my good friends need to learn/understand this side of me.. Because honestly “this” has a lot to do with how I operate today.

Meeting new people is always a process for me because I’ll get asked questions, which means that I have to revisit that fateful day which has made this story a part of my introduction. Well my good friends, on this blessed day April 8th, 12 years ago…. I almost lost my right hand by accidentally getting pushed through a glass window, which severed my tendons, nerves, and arteries (therefore limiting my abilities to use my right hand). That incident was my Primary reason for coming to the U.S.  After 7 surgeries (which included 3 skin grafting around my groin/abdomen), I stopped receiving treatment… Why? See when you accept your fate in life, you just have to let go of certain things that binds you to something that have caused you so much pain. Of Course that was not my best decision because I still very much need to have some more reconstruction done… However, I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

From the point I accepted that my life will never be the same, life got a lot easier in the sense that I learnt to work with the current situation at hand. My mother taught me how to write and make use of my left hand, which is now my dominant hand. I guess it is true that being left-handed uses the creative side of your brain….. See, right after my initial surgery in Africa, I started drawing on everything I could put my hand on (the left one Of Course 😉)  which prompted my mother to buy me a drawing pad. From then on, I excelled in art in my former High School in Mesquite, and I guess that’s where my make up artistry skills alongside other skills derived from. I get asked a lot, if I was presented the opportunity to change the appearance of my hand, will I do it? Truth is that I probably won’t, now if the opportunity was presented to get rid of the pain I face in the coldest of winter or the hottest of summer, I will definitely jump on that! All I’m trying to say is, I have accepted that this is ME!

Today, for the first time ever, I have decided to share with you all a picture of my hand. This is not a pity post, so please, don’t feel sorry for me. I may have it worse than some people, but a lot of people have it worst than me. To everybody suffering from an ailment/disability e.t.c.. Always remember that “everything happens for a reason” and that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.  I write this to inspire. We all face obstacles that deter us from our dreams, does that means we should give up? Absolutely not. It only means we have to work twice as hard to make those dreams a reality.



My dear friends, I promised myself I would not make this post a lengthy one, so I will stop here for now. Just be aware that this is merely a quarter of my journey. Next time you see me, don’t be shy to ask about my hand, staring at it only makes the situation more awkward. Stay blessed readers!


Exclusive Interview “Teddy-A” with Ms.Nabou!

Big-A Entertainment hunky star Teddy-A shares his experience since being signed on to the powerhouse label, his trip to Nigeria and breaking into the Afro Pop market in Africa in this interview with Ms.Nabou 😉 . A very incisive interview from the talented young man as he tells his story from being an independent artist to getting on one of the biggest record labels in the industry, Big-A Entertainment. Watch and enjoy this one-on-one with the ‘Ije love‘ crooner and hear the story behind the viral ‘Welu‘ dance as well as ‘African Baby‘ then you will be ‘Feeling The Boy‘.


Well Hello There Eddy Kenzo!

Ladies, just a little  eye candy to kick off your weekend 😉. Eddy Kenzo just shared this picture on his Instagram. The Ugandan Superstar is currently in Austin for the SXSW Music Festival. 

“Nakala”- New Musical TV Series Taking Over SeneGambia! (Teaser)

The Nakala Tv Series is not only one of the finest musicals ever made, but one of the finest Series of any type ever made In Senegambia. Momodou Lamin Touray and his casts take us through an adventure. It’s an appealing, touching and spectacularly over the top interpretation of one of the most sensational stories, with the fuse of music. Making it the first Musical TV Series from Senegambia. 


The impetus behind the Nakala Tv Series is a commitment to promote greater participation and acceptance of the Senegambian performing artists internationally. Nakala brings together the best and the most talented actors in the United Kingdom, from The Gambia.

The project will utilize music to reveal the hidden talents of The Gambia. It will also draw attention of other people in the entertainment business, from around the world to pay attention to the growing film industry in The Gambia.

The project is designed as a public service, and will be released on different TV channels, Internet and if possible DVD’s will be also released commercially

The project is first and foremost concerned with Senegambians living in the diaspora and their encounters. For example, immigration and migration, love and betrayal, family, friends and other issues affecting us in the diaspora and our connection back home, The Gambia. It will simply document the positive sides of young Gambians doing great.

With contributions from the biggest and brightest Gambian stars in the UK Nollywood industry, plus those from other creative avenues, I hope to construct a powerful and harrowing experience that will tell the full story of Gambians in the diaspora for the first time.

On The Spotlight: Momodou Lamin Touray – Gambian Actor/Producer/Filmmaker

Momodou Lamin Touray (born 27th September) is a Gambian born,Norwegian Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer and Showbiz Promoter, specializing in the drama genre.

Momodou Lamin Touray recently appeared, in the Norwegian-American television series, Lilyhammer (season 2 and 3). In his own words, I am excited to be a part of this production of Lilyhammer. The role of “Balotelli” has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am truly grateful for the chance to portray such a diverse character.” He also appeared in five different TV series in Norway. Presently he is acting on one of the biggest TV Seris called (Det Tredje Oyet) The Third Eye…. which is a crime series.


In his home country, The Gambia he worked for a radio station called Radio 1 FM, for almost 6 years. He was responsible for interviewing both national and international artists and was part of the marketing team. He was the voice behind most Radio adverts and was the programme leader (host) for one of the most Continue reading On The Spotlight: Momodou Lamin Touray – Gambian Actor/Producer/Filmmaker

Takai By Angela Fashion Show & Grand Opening!

Takai By Angela is a retail front and online store that offers exciting, beautifully designed ethnic men’s and women’s clothing, handcrafted jewelry made from crystal beads and gemstones, genuine Italian leather handbags and shoes, 100% unprocessed human hair, elegant fascinators, 24kt Gold layered Swarovski Crystal Jewelry and excellent quality fashion products. They also provide personal styling services where they help people get ready for their occasion or event by helping to pick out their accessories, providing professional hair stylist and makeup to give them the wow factor.


On the 28th of this month (next Saturday), the grand opening of the boutique will take place at their showroom located  at 374 E FM 1382. Cedar Hill, 72104. It will be an all day event featuring Fashion shows, meet & greet, shopping & refreshments. This is the first of its kind so don’t miss out on it.


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Teddy-A Kicked off Tour With A Sold Out Show In Dallas!

Big-A Entertainment’s act, Teddy-A sold out show on Saturday 14th March at Aso Rock, Dallas, Texas. Teddy-A thrilled his fans on his first show of the U.S Club & Campus Tour. It was Teddy-A’s first show since coming back to Dallas. The venue was packed and there were still people standing outside waiting to get in. Teddy-A performed his hit tracks “Welu”, “Feeling The Boy” and “African Baby” also including two of his unreleased tracks. Welu dance competition was held and three lucky winners won tickets to this year’s AFRIMMA Awards on October 10th, 2015………. WELU DANCE TOUR coming to your city.

IMG_5241 (1) IMG-20150315-WA0002 IMG-20150315-WA0015 IMG-20150315-WA0010

Davido has found Love! (Pictures of New Girlfriend)

ladies, it’s time to relax and back off… Because Davido is in love! Yes you read right, the talented Nigerian superstar is locking eyes with this beautiful Guinean girl ” Sira Kanté“. The couple met at Davido’s video shoot in NY few months back, and it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that they let fans into their relationship. And frankly, he looks happy as hell! Good for you Davido, make sure you marry this beauty!

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